Friday, January 2, 2009

UGH SF4 NOTES 01/02/08

.! Another hate filled post


Once again in preperation for the Nationals, I entered another SF4 Tourney. Even though, I had a feeling of satisfaction when I qualified(a feeling that you can't get through something else), I really don't like this game.

I have less patience then the old Kim, so even if I really want to win, I can't make myself turtle 100% anymore. But time and time again, I see it through my eyes that there's many players winning by turtling up and attacking(or rather do a random offensive and safe special) 20% of the time. I attack maybe 35-40% of the time. It's also how I want to play now.

These players don't have da skills to force opponents to make mistakes, they hope for it. when the clock hits 20 seconds, then each player hopes to score a random hit that puts them in the lead.

So basically, ok, I have what... 3 weeks to do this back to them. Everyone thats saying "oh SF4 is the truth" and "it's such a good game, I'm having so much fun doing nothing while pretending I have skills", I'm going to make this game so boring for these wack players.

I wrote down quite a long list of Bison ideas , but 90% of them aren't possible. very discouraging to try to innovate with such a limited character and fail. So I tried, and now I know what tools I have to use(LACK OF). There's not gonna be much testing now, just solidifying my gameplay.

Today's Tournament Notes:

- Bison's scissor kick over and over again on fuerte is apparently really abusable. If fuerte has an ex stock, he can ex run forward and absorb two hits of the scissor kick and combo me to death. but if he has no meter, I don't think he has an escape. so do it over and over again. if you hit with it or hit fuerte out of the air, back off slightly and do another low short into blocked scissors.

- Bison's anti airs are so frustrating. getting hit out of ex psycho crusher as anti air really sucks. I want to experiment with Bison's up close fierce as anti air.

- I've seen ryu's super fireball punish a blocked akuma low roundhouse, wonder if Bison's super can do the same, or forward scissor kick cancel to super.

- rufu's immediate dive kick off the ground can punish a whiffed low short. deadly...

-If you end a combo with a psycho crusher, you can charge up for an immediate level 2 focus.

- Mizoteru is the ぶっぱ master.