Monday, June 9, 2008

June 6th 2008 CvS2 Casual Match Videos!


66 minutes of hot CvS2 action. Peep Iyo's Sagat. It's hella good.


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Sunday, June 1, 2008

My New CvS2 Team


Yeah. Haven't really wrote much about my actual CvS2 progress lately. C groove is dead. If not dead, I'm so incredibly bored playing it. At least for my team, the way to be effective vs good K and A groovers is boring. It's all about defense with my team and K/A groove has so much freedom to do whatever they want. So in accordance to this, I am choosing to finally sell out. That's right, I am dropping the team I have played for 5 years.

My new team?



Of course, I'm going to stick with Rolento and Blanka, my signature characters and they happen to be godlike and usable in A groove. My third character however is a mystery. I've tried Sakura, Vega, and Bison. And I find problems with all 3 of them. I can't do Sakura's custom consistently and I also think she can't catch runaway characters. Vega is kinda my style, but I'm not interested in using him. Bison I can use a little, but he has no ground game. I'm running the entire time, then when I get meter, I'm able to do a lot pseudo mindgame shit .. aka hella throws.
I might just stick with Sagat in A groove. Hella ugly character, but atleast he has a ground game. His custom does big damage too.

As of right now, I can think of a few things I don't like about Sagat in A groove.

1) Punishing whiffs from max distance is impossible with A-Sagat. What am I going to do. Custom, low roundhouse, then what?

2) Still no mobility, just like C Sagat.

3) Using Level one's means I'm left with no custom to use.

4) No effective block damage custom

5) If my guard is flashing, how will I avoid getting killed.(No safe level 2's)

Onto the good things...

1) High damage custom

2) Good ground game

3) Yay

So there was a tournament today actually, and I did horrible. No patience at all. That's suppose to be my strong point, but not lately. Execution sucks And I keep dropping customs. I feel a little let down by my performance. Today was a bad cvs2 day, but next tournament may be different.

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