Saturday, January 3, 2009

More SF4



So like do you want to hear some dope bison shit, like a confirmable high damage combo? a way to deal with people not attacking? well sorry pick another character.

Since tiers are strong in this game, (imo it's more difficult getting around tiers in this game compared to CvS2) the player being better has less of an effect in SF4. With Bison, theres a limited amount of abusable things. And even if you're in a good position on the screen, the risk reward ratio depends on the amount of life you have. Since you have to take into account that Bison can't do big damage(i.e. an ultra) unless you're opponent is nervous/gives it to you/doesn't know how to play vs you. You really can't be sloppy.

The Bison player that won the singles tourney this past friday is good and all, but he's too sloppy with his headstomps. It's too easy to bait that(or actually hold back on the stick like SF4 players usually do) and kill bison. Then what are you going to do? Walk forward and lose your charge? Do meaningless devil's reverses to build hardly any meter? Oh wait, you can do another random ex headstomp! Go Bison.

If I decide to train for another big tournament(aka SBO), I will definitely take into account the tier list. Maybe Blanka, Viper, or Akuma.

I just remembered something from way back in my adolescent SF years.

Bas once told me that if you want to win a tournament(Japanese tournament), you don't always have to play vs top players.

It makes sense to me now. In Japan, there's so many scrubs and at the same time above average players who you can play against and still learn from and be able test shit out against.

Of course playing vs top players is gonna make you better. But as we know, winning a tournament isn't attributed to all skills. I.E. tournament brackets and luck.

In simple American terms, this is called sandbagging. If a character like Bison is gonna win a huge tournament like this, I see no other way to approach it.