Sunday, November 25, 2007

11-23-07 Mikado 2on2 CvS2 Tournament Videos

1st: CAB(K-Zangief,Balrog, Chang)& D44(A-Bison,Blanka, Vega)
2nd: Pinokio(K-Chun li,Hibiki,Cammy) & Unknown(K-Sagat,Rock,Cammy)


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tokyo CvS2 11/07/07: Six Match Videos

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Monday, November 19, 2007

CvS2 Match Discussion

11/17/07 Dan(C) vs Mizoteru(K)

For people that have never played Dan before, it really is hard to get an idea of just how good he is.If you ever do play vs him, he'll make you think C Ryu is up there with A Blanka.

1. Dan is so good at mixing up his attacking that its hard to predict what he will do and where he will be. This is evident in Ryu vs Blanka, in which Blanka usually has more of an advantage in ground control.

2. Ryu does a good job of charging meter and staying away from Blanka.

3. 1:56 I woulda of chosen to do the full ken corner combo in order to waste more K groove rage time. Dan is also pretty ballsy in attacking cammy after he landed the fierce uppercut.

4. 2:10 A cammy dive kick after a knockdown seems really cheap. It probably is a free jump in thats moderately easy. The dive kick can also be used to setup an ambigious cross up after a knockdown. I know Combofiend uses it a lot. Which means all of you should too.

5. 2:30 By this time, Cammy realizes that she has landed several heavy hits on sagat. Which means that fool is about to get dizzy. Mizoteru succesfully keeps the stun bar from going down as his Cammy stays on the attack using alot of low jump early roundhouses(Kinda reminiscent of a low jump blanka).

6. 2:38 Should always do Sagat low short links into low tiger super if you are feeling not confident in the combo coming out.

7. 2:58 Ouch.


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Monday, November 12, 2007

CvS2 Match Discussion

Kisshi(C) vs D44(N)


1. 00:17 Nice fake roll cross up with Kim

2. 00:28 the counter hit low short into stompkick is a pretty cool safe offense option. Obviously this is a good example of keeping track of stun thus Kisshi stays on the attack.

N Bison is garbage, whats he going to do when hes running at you?

1:10 Pretty cool low jump overhead with N bison

N Bison is still garbage

IMO, after blocking a psycho crusher, should punish it by going straight into super.

2:38 Potential free jump in with sagat? (roll, jump rh after landing fierce uppercut)

Low jump Blanka is cheap.

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