Saturday, August 30, 2008

More stupid SF4 Notes

Bison stuff

Stupid game.

Anyway, this is what I learned today.

Vega vs Guile = Impossible to win
-Guile can stop any of vega's jumps
-Sonic boom controls space.
-Maybe headstomp is good vs guile, I didn't try ex headstomp.

Vega vs Zangief = Slow and boring
-Vega can beat Zangief if he runs away the entire time. Maybe 25% attack, 75% run away
-Zangief is stupid
-I don't know how to stop Zangief's jump forward or fierce

Safe invincible moves are stupid.

I keep relearning bad habits. The more boring I play, the more I win. But I think that works in SF4.

Vega can't do big damage it seems, but maybe I'm not thinking outside of the box enough. If I block a sagat tiger uppercut, maybe I have enough time to do Saving attack level 2.
OR maybe I can do jump strong, strong, then ultra.

If anyone can even understand this,
what is Vega's biggest damaging combo?

Akuma was selectable today, but only scrubs played him. He looks cool though.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

3rd strike sucks but this link exists to show a cool vid

3rd strike was designed for scrubs

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Street Fighter 4 Notes 08/08/08

Basic Street Fighter 4 Notes

I usually post this stuff on Mixi(Japanese Facebook/Myspace), So I type in Japanese terms.

Quick lesson

Shou= Light, Chuu= Medium, Dai = Hard
Ex: Dai Kick= Roundhouse

Originally posted on August 4th 2008:

To kill time, I've been trying to learn スト4. 

Learning a new game is so hard.

I think SF4 is interesting for now, But deciding a character to use is always めんどくさい!

So far I have tried RUFUS, CHUN-LI, and SAGAT.

I can use Sagat but it's not my best style. I think my best character is someone that has great defense. And can wait and counter attack. I also like fast characters who have tricks, but I think if I want to be a strong SF4 player, I must use strong characters for now.

Bea says the best characters so far are BLANKA, RUFUS, BALROG(Boxer), ZANGIEF, and SAGAT.

I think I will try SF4 Blanka tomorrow. zenken dekiru.


Originally Posted like 10 minutes ago on August 8th 2008

くそげ!! じょだん。。 たぶん。。

ok english time.

Haha my win percentage in SF4 is 22% ! WATCH OUT FOR ME. I have a 22/100 chance
of kicking your ass.

Today I went to Nishi Sega again to use my newly registered SF4 Card. I wanted to make my name "KIM" but for some reason they wouldn't allow me to do that, the website said I have to include numbers, so I'm now "Kim1234". Lame. I know most players don't have numbers in their name, so I don't get it.

My record today:
15 Loses
1 win !


Learning a new game is tough. Whenever I learn a new game, it reminds me of the fact that I'm not a naturally gifted game player. I have to lose a lot, and lose in the worst ways in order for me to learn from my mistakes. It's pretty amazing how famous players can suddenly pick up games. I'm not one of those people. I need some sort of skeleton, some inspiration for me to build on. I.E. Clockw0rk in MvC2 and Shiro in CvS2 .

Speaking of Shiro, I saw him at Nishi Sega today, because of my terribly basic Japanese I couldn't say much, but his Abel looks very cool. I would try to use him, but that means I would have to spend more money. I'm no where near complete with Rufus yet anyway.


スト4 Notes:

1. ) Rufus can do crouch shou kick, crouch shou punch, crouch shou kick crouch shou punch, ex spinning ball (But I can't do the combo off 4 attacks). I tried out the combo and was only able to do crouch shou kick, crouch shou punch, ex spinning ball... I don't understand SF4 combo engine.

2.) You can pin the opponent down to the ground with Rufus dai kick, if they block it, Rufus has frame advantage.

3.) If I'm stuck in the corner and my opponent keeps jumping on me, I think I'm going to try to dash out next time. I tried Rufus's d/f chuu kick but it's too slow.

4.) I don't yet know how to use EX spinning ball yet. It acts as Vaccuum and it looks very useful. I played vs Matei a little today, and he would always teleport away when I was near, I'm sure I could EX vacuum his ass if I react to his teleport.

Maybe the best way I can play Rufus is to read my opponent. His combos do good damage. So instead of concentrating on ground game all the time like I usually do. I should just work on avoiding getting hit and landing combos.

If I can force my opponent to jump, i can do big damage. Jump dai kick, EX CRAZY PUNCHING HANDS is a lot of damage.

Hopefully I can make up some setups for after I land a basic rufus combo. I need to make my opponent confused which side he is on, so I can continue pressure. After crouch shou kick, spinny ball, I usually do a cartwheel, but it's not good enough. I sometimes see people follow up with an immediate jump dai punch, but that sucks too. Hopefully he has something.

Can anyone here even read this?

I miss CvS2. and Kimura Kaela

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