Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sega Club CvS2 3on3 Tournament Videos

That's right baby, more footage just days prior to Evolution! This tournament was held at Sega Club arcade which actually doesn't allow recording, so yeah that's why the footage isn't as sweet as it can be. This tourney was double elimination for some reason too... Perhaps someone(bas) is preparing for evo... Thanks to Gunter for the footage.

Gunter vs Kurusu
Gunter vs Komemaru
AO vs Komemaru
AO vs Gao
Gunter vs Yamatei
Gunter vs Pinokio
AO vs Pinokio
BAS(IN CAPS) vs Pinokio
BAS vs Yoshio

Winners Finals
Gunter vs Nuki
Gunter vs INO(also always in CAPS)
AO vs Tokido

Losers Finals
Yamatei vs Nuki
Pinokio vs Nuki
Pinokio vs Tokido
Yoshio vs Tokido

Grand Finals
Nuki vs Gunter
Tokido vs Gunter
INO vs Gunter

1st Gunter, AO, BAS
2nd Nuki, Tokido, INO
3rd Yamatei, Pinokio, Yoshio

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mikado 8/11/07 CvS2 Singles Vids

Finals between AO and Iyo.

The rest and other vids are on Gunter's youtube account.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

EvoWest Part 3 DAMMIT

Ok ok, stop being lazy kim. So I played COMBOFIEND(always in CAPS) twice in this tournament. Playing vs him is always challenging, cause he's always fiending for wins. Whenever we play vs each other after how ever many casual games, we always do some first to 5 shit. And the score usually is 4-5 him. I'll always have this wild ass lead, then K cammy fucks everyone up. Fuck K groove. ahem...


Anyway, It's a good thing I only had to beat him 4 games. Cause if it was a race to 5, somehow I would have lost 4-5. I haven't won a singles tournament since like 2003 I think. Side story: I prefer team tournaments to single tournaments. Teams are just way more fun to me, and less stressful. Most CvS2 players I talk to lately, know that this years EVO in Vegas is probably my last. I'm pretty sure a lot of people actually say that. But for the most part I mean it. If next years EVO is a team tournament though, I would consider that. Singles every year is just blah imo, it's the same rinse and repeat stuff. Hmmm.. while I'm on the subject of big national tournaments...

I watched the majority of SBO from the niceness of my own home this past weekend. And yeah that shit is dope. I've been to every SBO except for this year, so it was kind of cool I was able to watch it live. Anyway, the whole reason I bring SBO up is cause I was just thinking of the US's performance in it. I'm not going to bag on any players. IMO I think one of the weaknesses of top american players is we aren't use to tournaments where every single person is on your level. Each round is scary. You think first round single game elimination is scary at evo? Go to fucking SBO and play against someone of a higher level. The best players going out first round is pretty common at SBO. I'm sure it's a humbling experience. When CvS2 was in SBO, I'm telling you...that was the most exciting time if you were a CvS2 player.

Ok so where was I? Ok so I won EvoWest right, but its odd cause I don't remember what happened after I landed the final uppercut to kill cammy. I just remember a bunch of handshakes. Someone I know told me that she doesn't even remember her wedding. Because it was such a fantasticular time and all these emotions and shit were going on. So yeah, maybe that's what happened to me? No, not random marriages, but me just being overwhelmed with happiness, shock, and other really amazing adjectives. Like the brain isn't ready to take in all that emotion, so it doesn't get processed into long term memory(or something). In my mind I imagine me slamming the buttons after I landed the uppercut. And jumping up and doing some wild ass pose. But yeah, I honestly don't know what happened. Hmm yeah.. that reason makes sense. I'm not like the other top players. I don't like american joysticks, therefore I don't go to the very few arcade tournaments left in the US. When I was getting good at games, It was really hard for me to win tournaments, cause my crowd involved Choi, Cole, Nelson, Ricky, Campbell, and the Ultimate Warrior. So yeah, it feels great to know that I could do it, I just had to have patience. It also feels good to hear things like "this win was long over due" and "you really deserved this win" from friends and people you respect. Have I covered enough dammit! Evo Vegas is in one week and I need to get motivated and hype. I know myself pretty well, and I know that theres a part of me that just wants to coast on this win. Somehow I'll get lazy and barely practice for vegas. So yeah, from this point on, I gotta do things the Kim way, watch vids of me getting rocked, learn from my mistakes, practice execution, and use a lot of commas in one sentence. And as a closing note, I get alot of messages about EvoWest Vids. James Chen has the final footage and plans on putting up the vids when he has time. (James is basically a one man production crew for SRK). If I happen to get vids from top 8 from someone else though, then I'll upload those as soon as I can. PEACE AND SEE YOU IN VEGAS. one.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Evo West Part 2

It's been almost like two weeks so my already bad memory ain't so nice right now. On Sunday, I finally found out I had to play Buktooth in winners and Combofiend had to play vs Ricky. Even though we haven't really played each other since Buktooth and I lived in Norcal, it's always annoying to have to play each other in tournaments. Considering, we use to play vs each other all the time back in the day. Anyhow..

Remembering the thrashing I took at Evo Vegas last year, I decided to make Rolento ratio 2 this time around. Oh that's something to talk about. In retrospect, in regards to my team order..my thinking has been pretty ignorant. At Evo 2004, I always chose the order C-Sagat/Rolento/Blanka. Evo 2005 was C-Blanka/Sagat/Rolento. Evo 2006 was C-Blanka/Rolento/Sagat. My logic was to figure out the best order for my team and never "need" to switch it up. So like, I mentioned earlier, that way of thinking is imo ignorant. If I have an advantage with a certain order and I'm comfortable with that counter order, I should at least consider it. It's kind of cool if you think about it, since I have so much experience with all those orders, I can now feel when a certain order would have more of an advantage.

N-Iori vs C-Sagat is even in my book. I've always thought that Iori had a hard time catching rolento. So yeah, Rolento did his damn thing and it worked. The next match he decided to change up his ratio 2 from Iori to Hibiki, but ALSO put his ratio 2 Hibiki first. I think, Buk kinda stacked the odds less in his favor by doing that, cause even though his last character(morrigan) destroys rolento, having her as a ratio 1 is a little bit too risky EVEN FOR BUK. I won 2-0. I'll always consider the fact that Buk lives in Dallas and has -2 people to play against a factor in how I won, so now that he's in Japan for SBO, I'm sure when I play him at Evo Vegas, he'll be back with a Vietnamese Vengence.

And yeah...I'm tired. Part 3 later. But watch this!

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Evo West 2007 Part 1

Last weekend in San Diego was dope on so many levels. What definitely wasn't dope however, was the fucking garbage hotel I reserved. Somehow my reservation at "America's best value inn" was really one at "Padre's Village Inn". Hard ass beds ain't worth the 209.99 a day price, that's for sure. But on to the good stuff!

Last Friday was the qualifiers day for CvS2 and I started off not feeling that good. Right before a tournament, I usually feel a strong mix of nervousness, determination, anxiety, and excitement. Finally was I able to learn last weekend what fellow homie Jason Cole has been telling me all along. "The nervousness never leaves you."
Taking that into account, I agree that the nervousness never leaves you in tournaments, rather its how you are able to deal with the nervousness that brings out your potential to do well in tournaments.

That friday, after about 40 minutes of practice time, I was warmed up for the tournament. From what I remembered, I played hella matches in my pool. Like atleast four or something it seems, before I finally reach Mr. end boss John Choi. The roughest pool I think was the pool with Buktooth, Laugh, Hail and Kill, and Pigadoken. Obviously, all talented players who got that PASSION SON. On a side note, I have to comment that Laugh improved so much. It's unfortunate that he wasn't able to qualify, but he's definitely deserving of that spot. Him and Hail and Kill imo, are two players that can beat anyone.

So anyway, where was I? I finally reached end boss Choi in the winners bracket of my pool. He actually plays C sakura now instead of his usual C Guile. His order is usually C-Sakura/Ken/Sagat and he usually rocks everyone with it. I eventually win 2-1. But it was my toughest match of the weekend. Considering the first game vs him, he beat me with only a 5% sagat vs my 100% sagat. No joke. It's kinda funny, cause I'm sure its noticable, but I hella do deep breathing to calm myself down, and yeah I'm sure I probably look hella crazy sometimes while I'm doing it in tournaments. After a loss like that, I just kinda had to accept that um "it's one of those magical choi wins" and move on. I'm not sure if my sagat came in the other matches, but if he did, I was probably hella scared.

The usual suspects all qualified, with the exception of Viscant. But I don't mean that as an insult, cause I know he put the time into the game, and I'm happy his effort paid off.

I'll continue writing this in the near future, but in the meanwhile.....

<3 Kim

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