Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today's 2on2 Tournament and SF4 is definitely not turtle game

If there was a pill for patience, I would be ODing right now

Entered a 2on2 tourney today with a balrog(boxer) player.

So this is my lesson that I will forever learn over and over again.

'If you are frustrated or angry or in some not happy state of mind, it's useless trying to learn while playing. take a break, then come back stronger. You're not going to win any games off good players while flustered'

But yeah, since I feel this pressure to do well at the national tournament, I'm forcing myself to try and learn something. But I don't really know if I'm learning much while being flustered. I have a ton of experience playing in tournaments, and I refuse to give my opponent the win at the nationals. I have to keep my mind and confidence strong. This is the chance I've been waiting for. I don't want to accept defeat and call this another learning experience.

At SBO 2004, that was the case, there was not a very likely chance of us winning CvS2(Considering Ricky decided to not go, leaving just Campbell and I). So I can categorize that as a learning experience that I was fortunate enough to experience.

But SON, this is different, I've been to many tourneys at this point, gained some pretty sweet accolades, and gained a lot of valuable experience. My main lesson being self control. I'm ready for that win, and my biggest enemy is myself.

I easily wasted 1500 \ today, I just kept challenging my opponent's moves. so here you go for you fellow bison players.

Never headstomp after these situations on sagat

1) after a standard bison combo.
2) after landing an ultra

I am trading life and money for knowledge and it's fucking expensive.(trademark sirlin)

I lost to several Balrog players today(Aiku, Aojiri Guile, MEMPHIS). there's many times where I'm doing quite well, but they land a trick and I'm dead.

That's the thing about bison, he doesn't have any high damaging tricks. so I'm always playing cautious. I don't know if anyone realizes it, I'm sure anyone who has a clue realizes how much work Bison has to put in.

But whatever, I'm sick of complaining. If I am seriously incapable of using another character after the nationals , I'll consider quitting this game. Bison is too limited .

You'll see the vids later on INO's website, but the most prominent memory in my mind is almost beating Ino's team. I was able to edge out a win vs Ino which was probably mostly one game magic, but I was also about to beat his partner(Aojiri Guile).

After I lost, every game I played after that seemed to have no purpose. I really wanted that win vs Aojiri.

So this is my lesson, if you currently have no patience, you are useless playing SF4.

hopefully later this week, I can find time to practice with Ino or somebody.