Friday, December 26, 2008

SF4 Notes 12/26/08

This game ____!


Today was a tourney and I proved my hot qualifying tournament status by losing first round. Respect that.

It’s so easy to lose here. The good thing about tourneys is that when you lose you really remember it. So my tournament reminders are…

Basically today my execution was pretty bad. so I need to figure out how to keep my execution on point. A pseudo theory I have has something to do with your hands being cold. If my hands are cold I move less CRAZY. But that wasn’t the case today, I just mashed too much and didn’t run as much as I usually do.

Basically, for me, I feel there’s a particular timing for me to practice and be able to learn from it. if I go to the arcade out of habit or to try and force myself to practice, my result sucks. I feel today was like that. sorry guys, I add a lot of psychological thinking and reasoning to my SF talk.

I’ve been keeping notes about shit that I want to test out but I need someone to help me test it out.

One thing I notice every time I land a super or ultra combo with bison is that I have no way to keep the momentum.(at best I get to whiff one sweet ass devils reverse). After you land bison's super(and you're near the corner), he actually slides into the fucking corner like a dumbass. So now I did decent damage but, since I hit the opponent previously he probably has an ultra now and I’m in the corner....FANTASTIC.

I was in Naka-Meguro the other day and I glanced at the Tougeki monthly magazine. The magazine included an up to date tier chart. So apparently sagat and ryu are now at the top, which is ok with me. it makes sense, those guys boss around every character. and who's in the next tier?

Zangief and .... FUCKING BISON

That's right, dictator bison.
I do realize that my character isn't the worse. In fact, I believe actually he can fight 85% of the cast fine. you see, but the problem is bison isn’t easy to maintain at high levels. Bison has very little comeback ability, so this means unless your opponent is average, doesnt know how to fight you, or sucks, You cant do what you want in this game. That’s why I find this game boring at high levels. Bison has to play a near perfect game. he cant attack too much and he can't play defensively too much. and if you play like this... ok you can do well most of the time. But can you do that every game?

Realistically speaking, you can't outplay the opponent every time. if you have guys that are constantly challenging you and motivated, playing a near perfect game ain’t going to happen all the time. No matter how many times you listen to eminem's 8 mile song, you’re going to eventually lose. EIGHT MILE!!!!

Bison's advantage of fighting most characters well comes with a price, and that price is getting punked and making a whole lot of mistakes.

For example:

If Gief does random saving attacks and you want to punish it. don't use ex scissors. if you react late or some timing is off. the scissor kick can whiff. since everyone always cancels the saving attack into backdash. Gief can backdash and avoid it and spd/ultra/super you. However, if you use ex psycho crusher, it stays out and can punish the backdash. but its much slower and gief might be able to block. but its cool cause somehow bison is 3rd or 4th best in SF4 for some reason.

Back to the original topic, yeah so if you guys could recommend some magical setup after landing a super or ultra, please give me ideas. If this is possible, it would be really useful. Because of damage scaling when opponents are around 30% or so, a super/ultra usually doesn't kill someone. But if I could do a super or ultra immediately afterwards, it would definitely chip. However, when I land either the super or Ultra, I'm in no position to guarantee a chip win. If I do the super, I slide into the corner and I lose my charge(maybe theres a way for me to maintain the charge by switching from left to right or something). And If I land the Ultra then I'm about 2 inches away from the opponent and any attempt to get close is not good enough since, he will have woken up just as I am getting ready to attack.

ALSO, whenever I try to chip with Bison's Ultra, 2 terrible things happen...
1.) Because of the Ultra's hella slow speed, they simply jump out or use some invincible move to get out. In this game, moves don't lose to ultra, if they both have invincibilty, they just go through each other.

2.) Their EX special actually beats my Ultra. Proving that EX invincibility is just as good or maybe better then ultras?

But it's cool, cause Bison is 3rd or 4th best somehow.

Also, I’ve been getting bullied by Sagat's tiger knee trap. if I have no meter and I’m in the corner, I don’t know how to get out. my only idea is to teleport, but since I’m in the corner, all my teleports will leave me next to him.

so far I know, if I block the last hit high I get pushed out a little farther. so if I’m midscreen I’m able to backdash away.

I saw some pretty genius shit earlier today. so if Sagat does some normals into tiger knee, Ryu and Ken can whiff a low forward to get super low and avoid the tiger knee then hit sagat.

That is my next idea, even though I have no idea if bison is fat in this game, I suspect none of his normals will make as low as Ryu or Ken. But its a good idea. Also I should try to back dash out of the gap in the tiger knee. Might be hard to do every time though.

Here are my SF4 notes, if you got ideas or can even understand what I mean, help an American out. DO IT FOR AMERICA!

Bison Notes

1.) duck under balrog kick rush punch , whats the quickest move to use to punish

2.) knock balrog down, cross up, balrog does ex kick rush punch on wake up, counter with stand forward or dash up stand rh?

3.) counter akuma teleport back(against naori i did anticipate teleport back, level 1 or 2 saving attack, ultra) .. im not sure but hopefully capcom made it so that if you hit akuma with level 1 focus during the recovery of his teleport, it counts as a counter hit.

4.) unmentionable parlor trick ! .

5.) same as above but use saving attack first (HA! take that bitches)

6.) setups off throw, 1.) walk up cross up 2.) dash forward, cross up 3.) headstomp to the other side.

7.) setups off ultra? super

8.) guaranteed ultra chip setups

9.) block gief green hand, mash on stand fierce, psycho?

Sigh, this like a job or something, but hey I wanna do well at the nationals right?