Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 23rd 2008 CvS2 Casual Match Videos (Over one hour of footage!)

Casual Match videos from May 23rd 2008. Who loves you?

Ok, so I figured this was probably the easiest way for me to provide footage for all CvS2 players. The method isn't so bothersome, so I believe I can upload hella match footage like this on a weekly basis. As long as you don't have OCD and care about individual match clips, I'm sure everyone can be able to enjoy this.

Recording in most arcades is a big no no. But fortunately the most popular CvS2 arcade in Tokyo doesn't care!

I really dislike shaky camera footage, so most of the videos I will be uploading are going to be fixed. Since the arcade has a lot of traffic coming through, there isn't much room to put the camera without someone knocking my shit over. So I found a pretty sweet place to leave my camera(and it's Japan so no one is going to steal it). The bad part is that once in a while, you will see people walking by the camera, so you might miss like a second of sexy CvS2 action.

So here's where I add my piece... Obviously I've had this site(www.crazyasskim.com and now this one) for a while now, so this is what I would ideally like to see people doing...

People often watch the vids I provide and that's cool. Occasionally people will post something about the videos. 80% of the postings being something like "Nice videos herrr herr".

As weird of a request as this sounds, watching vids and THAT'S it is lame. Watch these players play, improve your game, steal from them if you will, get ideas from them. Don't know how to do something? Ask on SRK forums, post a comment on THIS WEBSITE. I'd love to see CvS2 get more appreciation and publicity. Post more on SRK. PLAY MORE at the arcade. Push over a kid, tell him about my website. Etc.

Have fun, respect



kelvin said...

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Ronny3082 said...

Hey Kim, how are u doing?
hope good im Patriarka from Dominican Republic too and wanna thank you for the hardest and exellent work you`re doing i visit MJ`s web site gfb.combovideos.com and this blog every day looking for newest CvS2 Matches. Specially matches of the CvS2 GOD D44 aka BAS ive never seem before someone who dominates a game like him he just juggle the opponents and game too. I really love the way he play so each time i see he`s mathces i do it hopping he loose againts any other greate player but he doest. Keep going like this cause people like you keep the CvS2 alive for much much time. Wathc my profile at youtube.com/user/patriarkaDom

Keith said...

Hey Kim, sporadic visitor, to your page. Thanks for doing what you do, keep up the good work. I'm hoping CvS 2 picks up again and reaches the popularity of 3rd Strike, maybe with folks like you in the community. Well good luck if you go to Evolution.

Anonymous said...

Kim, one big fat problem with that.

While I love CvS2 with all my heart, and it's undoubtably my favorite 2D beat'em up of all time, it does have it's serious problems.


a-groove sak/blanka/bison owns all.

And sagat in any groove is a monster.

My team revolves around Chun, King and Yamazaki, while sometimes interchanging one of those with Gouki, Kyo, Guile, or Boxer.

I love king and people consider her the lowest of the low.

Please ask a japanese fella to win a game with a King in his team and I'll bow before you.

Oh, and I use P-Groove. Rolls-> ghey to say the least. (not that I consider RCs to be easy to do.. I just find rolls the easy way out of supers when the block gauge is super low).