Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Japanese CvS2 Players

Some quick info on the players you may or may not know


So often after work I stop by Shibuya to endulge in some Capcom Vs Snk II. I've been thinking about writing about the CvS2 players here for quite a while, but I haven't had anytime to do it, but I'm sure there's many fools that want to know what's up with CvS2 over here.

First of all, the 'scrubs' are amazingly patient over here. More so then most top players in America, IMO. Here, top players and even the scrubs are not afraid to spend the whole 99 seconds(for each character) building meter, or running away, or even *gasp* attack. I think the stigma in the U.S. still holds true, in that everyone is pressured to play fast. If you don't, you're name is Justin Wong, you're trying to be like Justin Wong, or you use low tier or something like that. Speaking of Justin, I'm sure he will be proud to know that almost every Japanese player knows who he is(even though I've only asked like 5 people, somehow my stats are correct).

Anyway, on the flip side, I think the American players who are top and who choose to play fast, are extraordinarily talented in adapting to gaming situations. I still have not played another C-Ken who adapts faster then Choi. I have not played another Vega that can frustrate, outfootsie you, and somehow still stay unpredictable as well as Ricky, etc etc. Anyway, if you haven't watched it already, Choi vs Ricky from a recent AXIS tournament is now up. You can view the matches hmmmm... HERE.

Ok so on to the players I've played against since moving here...

1) Kisshi: It seems he has dropped A-Iori and is trying to figure out another character to use. He usually uses, A-Iori/Sakura/Kyo but recently I've seen him use Akuma and Vega. This guy is the most technical person I've ever played in CvS2. One game I saw him do jump back air fireballs and safe block attack strings the entire round, if the opponent jumps, with 100% perfect execution, he does rc short hurricane kick and combos into custom and continues to run away. I think maybe the reason it's so amazing to me is cause of the Akuma stigma people always have. 'oh he's so weak, if I get hit once I will lose so much life and my sperm count will decrease by 50%'' That's right.. 50%. Anyway, Akuma having an invincible hard to catch teleport, jump back airfireballs, and perfectly executed short rc hurricane kicks... shit is pretty disgusting. Disgustingly DOPE. Anyway, his Sakura is way solid and his Kyo is just like Sakura in that you will get chipped if you are P or K.

2) AO: I think the the letters stand for his initials, but I don't know the guys name. So for now, let's just say that A.O. stands for Akira Oyama . Anyway, He plays K-Ryu/Kyo/Sagat. His attacking is on point and his character weaknesses are all covered up by his JD ability. His style is different from the usual sloppy K groove rushdown. He plays fast, but in a kind of articulate/calculated non messy way. Think of Combofiend's K groove, but NICE LOOKING(Take that Combo). His K-Ryu really stands out. Obviously there aren't many K-Ryus out there(who are good), but AO's knowledge of the game and JD ability makes Ryu a force to be wreckoned with. He knows when to throw fireballs that are safe to RC Blanka ball, etc.

3) BAS: Whatever.

4) Sakamoto: Best P groove in Tokyo. Plays P-Kyo/Geese/Sagat and parries everything. Possibly he tries to parry too much. But when he gets it, you're dead. When I first came to Tokyo, I think I lost to him like 8 games in a row. Every game his Geese would somehow magically land that stupid screaming super. Anyway, P groove is very not weak.

5) Dan: If you're reading this, you better know who DAN is. The realest C-Ryu/Ken/Sagat on the planet SON. He doesn't show up at the arcade too often, but when he does he's wrecking shop and doing it with style. His ground game is pretty admirable and with those terribly mid tier characters, only he can do what he does. You rock Dan.

6) Mulder: Haha, this fool will turtle like no other. But seriously, his C-Chang/Guile/Rolento is buff. Apparently, he likes the X-files and beer. Tell me one person who uses C-Chang in America? Fuck that, tell me someone who uses Chang in America? Exactly. Do not sleep on Chang. If he hits you once, you are deader then a dead deady dead. I still haven't tested out how to counter RC Ball chain thingy, but it looks pretty much safe. Good defensive tool for Chang. Big damage super, good jump ins, Freddy Kruger assist, and the ability to take huge chunks off of your guard bar makes Chang a deadly ass character. Oh and Mulder's guile and rolento are nice too! Imo, he is one of the more patient CvS2 players out there.

7) Mii Chan: She is a girl and she plays CvS2. That's already awesome. Mii chan probably defies the odds in that she actually knows how to play. K-Sagat/Mai/Cammy. Of course she has to use Mai, cause shes a girl, and girls have to represent that girl power at all times. Couple days ago, I saw her jiggle with mai for 60 seconds and not press a button. That's tight.

8) Pinokio: He is the new INO. Rushdown ability and weird attack strings. Usually uses K-Kyo/Chunli/Cammy , but also plays a billion other teams in casuals. His Cammy is his best character, and for a rolento player, that means 90% of the time my Rolento dies.





Tony McCrorey said...

hey kim my name is tony and i am very interested in learning more about capcom vs snk 2 and id like to go to japan

vitor said...

I'm a fan of yours, I've been reading your blog for like 2 years, always watching your videos. These profiles are very interesting, specially knowing that there are girls playing! you're so lucky having opportunity to play so many ppl.

gj man, plz keep providing us your experience