Thursday, August 9, 2007

Evo West Part 2

It's been almost like two weeks so my already bad memory ain't so nice right now. On Sunday, I finally found out I had to play Buktooth in winners and Combofiend had to play vs Ricky. Even though we haven't really played each other since Buktooth and I lived in Norcal, it's always annoying to have to play each other in tournaments. Considering, we use to play vs each other all the time back in the day. Anyhow..

Remembering the thrashing I took at Evo Vegas last year, I decided to make Rolento ratio 2 this time around. Oh that's something to talk about. In retrospect, in regards to my team order..my thinking has been pretty ignorant. At Evo 2004, I always chose the order C-Sagat/Rolento/Blanka. Evo 2005 was C-Blanka/Sagat/Rolento. Evo 2006 was C-Blanka/Rolento/Sagat. My logic was to figure out the best order for my team and never "need" to switch it up. So like, I mentioned earlier, that way of thinking is imo ignorant. If I have an advantage with a certain order and I'm comfortable with that counter order, I should at least consider it. It's kind of cool if you think about it, since I have so much experience with all those orders, I can now feel when a certain order would have more of an advantage.

N-Iori vs C-Sagat is even in my book. I've always thought that Iori had a hard time catching rolento. So yeah, Rolento did his damn thing and it worked. The next match he decided to change up his ratio 2 from Iori to Hibiki, but ALSO put his ratio 2 Hibiki first. I think, Buk kinda stacked the odds less in his favor by doing that, cause even though his last character(morrigan) destroys rolento, having her as a ratio 1 is a little bit too risky EVEN FOR BUK. I won 2-0. I'll always consider the fact that Buk lives in Dallas and has -2 people to play against a factor in how I won, so now that he's in Japan for SBO, I'm sure when I play him at Evo Vegas, he'll be back with a Vietnamese Vengence.

And yeah...I'm tired. Part 3 later. But watch this!