Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sega Club CvS2 3on3 Tournament Videos

That's right baby, more footage just days prior to Evolution! This tournament was held at Sega Club arcade which actually doesn't allow recording, so yeah that's why the footage isn't as sweet as it can be. This tourney was double elimination for some reason too... Perhaps someone(bas) is preparing for evo... Thanks to Gunter for the footage.

Gunter vs Kurusu
Gunter vs Komemaru
AO vs Komemaru
AO vs Gao
Gunter vs Yamatei
Gunter vs Pinokio
AO vs Pinokio
BAS(IN CAPS) vs Pinokio
BAS vs Yoshio

Winners Finals
Gunter vs Nuki
Gunter vs INO(also always in CAPS)
AO vs Tokido

Losers Finals
Yamatei vs Nuki
Pinokio vs Nuki
Pinokio vs Tokido
Yoshio vs Tokido

Grand Finals
Nuki vs Gunter
Tokido vs Gunter
INO vs Gunter

1st Gunter, AO, BAS
2nd Nuki, Tokido, INO
3rd Yamatei, Pinokio, Yoshio