Thursday, June 7, 2007

Beaches indeed

Ok so 9 more days till this studying extravaganza is over. Obviously I can't be studying 24/7. So I try to make many mini activities to RECHARGE my health while taking study breaks. So far I got taking out the trash, hating, loving<3(ok not really =(), going to different places to study(such as dietrichs, gateway, and the gym)

My last day at tapioca express was today, in which a co worker took my shift. So life at that place is now done. On to ramen restaurant, which will probably raise my job satisfaction up 50% and increase the odds of meeting girls 85.7%.

I'm pretty sure since I'm graduating in March, there won't be like a graduation ceremony, not that I would attend anyway. Fantasizing about graduation is ..some true ORGASMIC quality shit. I better not think about that too much. Concentrate in the moment and Believe that all my hard work will be worth it.