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12/14/08 Akihabara Qualifier for the Japanese National SF4 Tournament Results

12/14/08 Akihabara Qualifier for the Japanese National SF4 Tournament Results

2nd Sagat Guy( Sorry I couldn’t read his name)
3rd Blanka Guy(His name was actually a smiley face looking thing)

So on January 18th 2009, the National Street Fighter 4 Tournament will be held in Shinagawa(Tokyo, Japan). The only people who are allowed to compete are people who won qualifying tournaments held throughout Japan.

Usually, I’m not this obnoxious, but I think today it can slide…. I’m pretty proud of this tournament win and also of the hard work I’ve put in to becoming better at this slightly above average game. I am thus, the only foreigner who qualified in the National Tournament. Did I just make history!? Best believe it son. So basically next month, I have a chance to do what I’ve only until now, dreamt of doing. I will use my red, white, and blue skills of justice and timeout every single opponent I play against at the Nationals. (obnoxiousness off)

If you can read Japanese, here’s a list of the winners of the qualifiers that have been held so far.



This is for the people that probably have no idea how qualifiers in Japan work…

So throughout Japan there are qualifying tournaments held at arcades. I’ve been to four qualifying tournaments thus far, and at least two of them have had different formats. Some have had single elimination 3 out of 5 round matches. Some are the standard 2 out of 3 round format. What confused me initially was that there are two brackets, and on each bracket there is a label for the person that won the bracket called “Congratulation Champion”.(singular, not plural) So I assumed that two people qualified at each tournament, but I found out that’s not the case. I guess I should have realized that last week, when Nuki hella jetted out of the arcade after losing to Iyo in the finals.

For dramatic purposes, after I “won” the tournament, I found out in fact, I have not qualified yet. Even though I won the tournament, at 5pm, I had to meet another dude who won a tournament in a different area. We have a play off, and the person that wins that match is considered the champ of that region. So I had an hour to trip out before I had to play the guy. Since I’m overly competitive in Street Fighter, you can imagine how I must have felt. I thought I had it in the bag, then suddenly I gotta wait to play another mystery opponent.

The guy played Sagat and had a pretty good win lose record. I don’t remember his name, but I just know he was Bea’s friend. I was in control most of the time, but near the end, he hit me with a seemingly random tiger uppercut into focus dash cancel into ultra. Of course, since this is me we are talking about here, whenever I win a tournament, I always have to BARELY win. Never can I just dominate the opponent. I was pretty worried at that moment, since we both had about 5% left. Thanks to my timely mashing skills, I edged out the win.

My hardest match was probably against Itobashi Zangief, who you will remember as a previous Evolution and SBO Champion. He usually Zangiefs me up, but I think I played pretty well against him today.

In other news, Mizoteru and Nuki also qualified today.

JESUS CHRIST GUYS, don’t you hate it when people post up their own tournament wins!?



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