Sunday, September 14, 2008

July 2008 Team/Singles Tournament Finals and CvS2 Session Videos!

Hella vids.

These Vids took place sometime in July, sorry for the delay! SF4 sucks. (subliminal)

Team Tournament Finals Part 1: Saigo vs Gao

Team Tournament Finals Part 2: Vega Curry vs Mizoteru

Singles Tournament Finals: Vega Curry vs Pinokio

CvS2 Session: Featuring AO and Iyo and other people who don't kick as much ass


TRobb said...

Good vids, weird to see Iyo not using Dhalsim. It looked like his new team was head and shoulders above everybody else, including AO.

Its good to see some top players not give in to the peer pressure to quit CvS2 and play SF4.