Saturday, August 30, 2008

More stupid SF4 Notes

Bison stuff

Stupid game.

Anyway, this is what I learned today.

Vega vs Guile = Impossible to win
-Guile can stop any of vega's jumps
-Sonic boom controls space.
-Maybe headstomp is good vs guile, I didn't try ex headstomp.

Vega vs Zangief = Slow and boring
-Vega can beat Zangief if he runs away the entire time. Maybe 25% attack, 75% run away
-Zangief is stupid
-I don't know how to stop Zangief's jump forward or fierce

Safe invincible moves are stupid.

I keep relearning bad habits. The more boring I play, the more I win. But I think that works in SF4.

Vega can't do big damage it seems, but maybe I'm not thinking outside of the box enough. If I block a sagat tiger uppercut, maybe I have enough time to do Saving attack level 2.
OR maybe I can do jump strong, strong, then ultra.

If anyone can even understand this,
what is Vega's biggest damaging combo?

Akuma was selectable today, but only scrubs played him. He looks cool though.