Monday, November 12, 2007

CvS2 Match Discussion

Kisshi(C) vs D44(N)


1. 00:17 Nice fake roll cross up with Kim

2. 00:28 the counter hit low short into stompkick is a pretty cool safe offense option. Obviously this is a good example of keeping track of stun thus Kisshi stays on the attack.

N Bison is garbage, whats he going to do when hes running at you?

1:10 Pretty cool low jump overhead with N bison

N Bison is still garbage

IMO, after blocking a psycho crusher, should punish it by going straight into super.

2:38 Potential free jump in with sagat? (roll, jump rh after landing fierce uppercut)

Low jump Blanka is cheap.

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Jason said...

-2:19 Bison does low jump strong to anti air, delays second strong and catches Kim on the ground, linking right into combo. This works so good on C groove, putting them in block and being able to follow up with anything. I used to use that a lot with K Bison.

ps - N Bison is still garbage =P

Anonymous said...

Kishii missed a chance for a super after hit confirming the jump in mp.

N-bison is garbage, i think the vintage of this vid shows RC just started, as Blanka was abusing it like mad and Kishii had no clue how to deal with it.

ohayo1234 said...

This casual match actually happened in November of this year, so it's not old footage.

Ross said...

How Viable is it to always get st.jab st.jab xx trip wire everytime in tourney? I can do it decently, but kichnii had a few chances and never went for it.. I assume it was because of casuals.

Kichnii shows off a good trick I like with rolento, which is after a cross up use st.mk. St.mk leaves you at neutral frame advantage and is a lot nice to setup counter hit st.jab off of, which you can then combo into cr.mk.

Is the scissor kick super not punishable by kim super? Im pretty sure it is... Kichnii shoulda punished that, casuals or not.

n-bison is hella trash, not scary. Low jump blanka will always be the shit. Low Jump Blanka + the ability to rc with blanka will continue to be slept on character thanks to the negative associatons with grooves not A, C, K.

Ross said...

umm also I kept say kichnii instead javascript:void(0)
Publish Your Commentof kisshi. I assume they aren't the same person so excuse my mistake. As well as all the random spelling/sentence construction errors, I just woke up.

Hav said...

Word. I think N-Blanka is right up there. Great battery. Pretty good anywhere else in the line-up.

I don't understand why NOBODY uses Kim. I understand there are better choices, but Kim seems like too good of a character to have like... one notable user. I dropped him from CvS1... so I guess I should blame me. I think C/P/K-Kim are tournament worthy.

Kisshi is dope.

Steven said...

At 3:10-3:09 he had a clear chance to Tiger uppercut. instead a few seconds later, he tries to cross over and low kick then uppercut on block. If kim had a little bit more meter, could be punished harder.

ohayo1234 said...

Rolento's stand jab, low jab, trip wire super is very realistic even in tourney, however since rolento needs meter, if you miss the combo rolento loses all his scaryness.

Also, possibly in the near future if there's any new tourney vids. People will find out N groove is making a comeback WORLDWIDE. 2001 CvS2 vs 2007 CvS2..

Ross said...

I'd believe that. I'm currently working on a new N-groove team. Geese, Sagat, r2- Kyo. But we'll see out that goes... haha. Post more vids! whats good?

GunterJPN said...

You guys have just never faced a good N-Bison. He's good.

Leezy said...

...I SO better be the "one notable" Kim user...

Don's (Kakihara) Kim is pretty good too.

Oh-yao, I've been using the low short stomp shit for a while...you can get messed up if the stomp doesn't make contact. If it does, however, the pressure/mixup potential is hot.

Oh yeah, N-Bison is good. For the moment, I'd rather face an A-bison because I have experience dealing with him. Low-jump, RC, and run give him more rush potential for the entire match rather than just when he has meter.