Sunday, July 8, 2007

String cheese is making a comeback

The movie "Shooter" with Mark WALLBURG is pretty decent. I was expecting some generic action movie ... and thats what I got! But there was also some pretty cool twists and shit, so atleast it kept me entertained. I really want to blog some thoughts about the whole Benoit situation. But it's a pretty sensitive topic, so I don't know if this will ever happen. Atleast, there's the amazing video below to remember.(actually not the music vid, the one below that).

So since I'm all Lactose intolerant now, I have to get me some specific brand milk called "Lactaid". What's even weirder then this image ... is that Lactaid milk expires hella later then normal ass milk. Today is July 8th or something and this milk doesn't expire till Aug. 17th. Milk of the gods.

Ok so, about 3 weeks left till EvoWest. Recently, I've been practicing vs Edma and Warren. So at least I ain't that rusty. This EvoWest is going to be the hardest one to qualify from. There's so many established players here and I also heard other out of towners were coming too so yeah. Not gonna be a walk in the park.. like it was for Keith last year OOOOOOOOOO....